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What Clients say about Open Arms Massage Studio 

"H&M is a fabulous place to start and end at for a massage experience. 
In April of 2012 my best friend Shelley purchased the best gift she could ever buy me. It was a one hour massage. I will be honest, Ashley was in a league of her own and yes I had to wait 30 days until her schedule was open. With that being said, I absolutely love her. She was my first massage ever. Now my last. I have Fibromyalgia and wasn't sure what to expect. I thank God for her. I am in pain on a daily basis. I used to have a lot of bad days. Since I have been coming to H&M my pain tolerance is nothing compared to what it was. I get a massage every 2 weeks faithfully. My body looks oh so forward to letting go of my aches and pains. Before I received my first massage, I stayed in bed a lot. With having regular visits I now have more pep to my step. For that I'm grateful. For me, not only is it great relief it is a friendship I've made. Ashley started small in a one room rented space in a hair salon, then off to opening a business on Navarre in Oregon. Through word of mouth this gal is soaring and has moved yet again onto Ansonia. I'm thrilled for her and her staff. I always carry some business cards with me that I may share my story with others so they to can feel the "Ahh" I feel. Keep on keeping on. "
One of your biggest fans, Jamie Rossi


"Awesome place! Very clean and the staff is so nice and extremely helpful. Have been to Kim for a message and also had a facial which was out of this world. Have been to kat and she was able to get that darn knot out of my shoulder,and have been to Jane who helped relieve my stress.I can't say enough wonderful things about these ladies. It's a wonderful place,it's my little oasis."


"Ashley was on my support team for the labor or my first baby this past August. I went 20+ hours completely med free and Ashley and her massage techniques where a major help to my pain management. She helped me stay relaxed and focused. She was there to let me squeeze her hand, get me drinks, help my hubby and of course give massage when needed during and between contractions. She really was an amazing help and will book her again for my second child whenever that may be. I also went to Stacy and Ashley for prenatal massage throughout my pregnancy and it was very relaxing on the sore hips. Ashley also provided me with an induction massage as I was 2 weeks late and I ended up going into labor naturally a couple days after my massage and didn't need the medical induction that was scheduled. These ladies are great and I couldn't say enough!"


"I have had a deep tissue massage from Ashley, and two therapeutic massages from Kim and Kat. All excellent! I will be getting a facial soon - never had one before."


"I have seen Stacey and Ashley both. Love them. I recently got a deal online and will be booking a facial. Anyone that has been there when I was there was always friendly. I highly recommend this place. The staff is great and the prices are extremely reasonable. Can't wait for my facial in have also signed up for a mommy and me class that I can't wait to go to."


 "I usually have Ashley when I come to H&M.  I love the massages that I have received and always look forward to them!!"


"Amazing ladies tell them what ales u and they will massage all your pains away."


"Wonderful place!! Have been to Ashley!!! Highly recommend... You won't be disappointed!!"


 "A wonderful place to go for total relaxation and very affordable. My therapist is wonderful and has magic hands especially if you have any areas that need extra attention from a facial to therapeutic massages.The staff is very kind also. Everyone should give them a call you will leave relaxed and very happy you went."

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