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Sunday Morning Little Yogi Club

10am - 11:30am $20 per child

Includes craft, snack, yoga & more!

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Meet Instructor Shay Ferguson

Shay grew up in Oregon, Ohio and graduated from Clay High School. Graduated from the University of Toledo with a BA in accounting. Worked for the postal service as a letter carrier and supervisor, retiring in 2016.

Shay started yoga in the 1970's while in college. Graduating from Still waters teacher training in 2016, with a focus on the feminine divine.

Taught at Zen in the District until it closed in 2017. Teaching privately in conjunction with a holistic doctor in Perrysburg, Ohio. Continuing education with Josh Summers School of Yin Yoga. Also continuing education at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale PA, studying with Rolf Sovik, Sandy Anderson, and Pandit Tigunait.. Completed a 30 day SEVA (self-less service or karmic yoga) in September 2017, and again in October 2018.

Her other interests include Reiki Master, community gardener and potter at 577 Foundation, and worked as a client advocate for Heartbeat of Toledo. Currently self-teaching harmonium. She also travels to South Carolina where her son and his family are stationed.

Shay will be teaching, Yin Yoga focusing on placing stress on the plastic tissues of the body - ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to help them to regenerate. Postures are seated or lying down and held for 3 to 5 minutes. Class will include breathwork and meditation. An all access class suitable for all ages and body types. A great complement to your Yang practice as well!

Beginner Yoga - a beginning level all access class suitable for all ages and body types. Focus will be on explaining postures, breathwork and meditation and includes a practicum. A great place to start!

Restorative Yin Yoga - an all access class with a focus on Yin, Yang, and Restorative Yoga. Designed to relax body, spirit, and mind from daily stress.