The Soak Bar

Looking for something a little different?

Take a pit stop in the Open Arms Soak Bar.  

Where you design what your feet are looking for!

Our Soak Bar is stocked with all natural ingredient.  

Herbs, herbal powders, essential oils, salts and oils.  

Changing each month.

Your feet will be feeling light as a feather after soaking in a personally designed soak focusing on what you need at this particular time.  Whether your feet ache, need softening, swollen or just need pampering, they'll get just what they need in this one of a kind aromatherapy & herb foot bath.

With also options of a salt scrub, sugar scrub and paraffin dip.

Our goal at Open Arms is to address your health and wellness.  Our feet need as much care as our body, so why not stop in the soak bar!

30 Minutes $25

Add-On to any One Hour Service 

$10 off

Seats for two are available.

Add-on a cup of hot tea for $2.00


The Ionic Foot Detox Chi Cleanse

Help eliminate toxins with a foot bath. Reduce the feeling of fatigue, feeling sluggish, depression,

anxiety, aging and more.

$25.00 per cleanse.

If you are booking with a GROUPON, COUPON or SPECIAL

please do not book online.

Call into schedule your appointment

so we can better accommodate you!

***If you have an Herbal Soak, Detox or Sauna these services can ONLY be booked during Soak Bar hours Monday 3p-9p, Thursdays 9am-3pm & Saturdays 9am-3pm***

(419) 720-8604