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Corporate Massage Memberships

Are you looking for an affordable employee benefit

that'll make you an HR Hero?


Lower healthcare costs, retain your talent,

3x your ROI.

Studies have shown that the annual cost of lost productivity related to stress and job dissatisfaction can be as high as $2,500 per employee.


Our corporate membership program will provide reduced-cost monthly massage memberships for your employees. The program can be tailored to each company's individual requirements, including 100% company-sponsored or cost-sharing options, with each participating employee paying a portion of the membership fee. 

"Every $1 invested in employee health & wellness can save up to $3.48 in healthcare costs and $5.82 in lost productivity due to absenteeism."

How Massage Helps

Relieves muscle strains that eventually lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries

Boosts brainpower by increasing blood flow

Improves morale

Reduces fatigue and poor concentration

Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Reduces stress/tension headaches

Motivates employees to take a proactive approach to their health

What is a Massage Membership?

An affordable way to get a 60-minute massage every month for one low fee.

The concept of a massage membership is very simple. For a low monthly fee, the client receives one 60-minute massage every month. Employees may purchase additional massage treatments in a month at the same low rate.


Studies show that consistent massage therapy treatments provide ongoing health benefits and help to prevent minor problems from developing into more serious (i.e. expensive) conditions. 

*Consider Monthly on-site chair massage 4 hours for $400

Purchase Monthly Chair Massage Now

Membership Highlights

Significant cost savings

Non-member rate: $65-75

Member rate: $58 (Non-corporate clients)

Member rate: $50-$55 (Corporate clients)


What is a cost-sharing employee massage program?


A cost-sharing massage program is a great option for companies that want a way to stretch their budget. When you subsidize your program, your company is able to share the cost with your employees.


While we don’t recommend having employees pay 100%, (see why here) a cost-sharing option can make a massage program accessible for companies with limited budgets.


How do payments for a cost-sharing program work?


Setting up a cost-sharing option for your massage program is easy. All you have to do is let us know what portion of each membership the company will pay for, and how much the employees will pay.


For example, if a 60-minute membership costs $50, the company could pay $25 or $30 of that cost, and the employee receiving the massage would pay the remaining $20 or $25.


What size companies can participate?


We can work with companies with 10-200 local employees. We hope to be able to accommodate larger companies as our corporate membership programs continue to grow.

(A minimum of 10 participating employees is required to receive special corporate pricing. For companies with less than 10 employees participating, the rate will be at our standard member rate.)


How much does it cost?


The cost will vary slightly, based on the number of participating employees, but will generally range around $50-$55/month per employee. These costs can be 100% company-paid or split between the company and the employee. (A common split would be 50% / 50%).


Is there a contract?


For companies with fewer than 25 participating employees, there is no contract. For companies with more than 25, there is a minimum 12-month agreement, due to the complexity of setup and reporting for larger companies.


Can employees pay 100% of the cost?


We don't recommend it. When employees are 100% financially responsible for a workplace wellness program, it doesn’t feel like a benefit for them. You won't see the boost in employee morale or the participation level as with employer-subsidized programs. If employees don't participate, the company doesn't reap the benefits.


Is there a setup fee?


As we expand our corporate membership program, we will charge a setup fee, due to the complexity of the backend setup required on our end.


However, we are waiving the setup fee for the first few companies that sign up for this new program. 

Looking to get started? Contact Ashley Hirzel 419-461-3879 or at the office 419-720-8604

As always thank you for considering small business!

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