OPEN ARMS Health + Safety Standards 

Open Arms Innovation Team
Creating + maintaining the safety of staff + clients well-being



Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and call our office to begin your check in process. (419) 720-8604

Masks are no longer required.

We’re encouraging all to be in tune with how they’re feeling. We’re encouraging self-temperature checks and self-assessments to confirm everyone’s well — both to come to work and to enjoy services.

“Try-me” areas and product testers have been put back on the shelves!


Like always, our Wellness Center is professionally deep cleaned every evening. Our cleaning crew is continuing to use a hospital-grade disinfectant on all high touch areas like door handles, table top surfaces, faucets + more.

All throughout the day, our team will be focused on sanitizing all areas, surfaces, and implements that are guest-facing like door handles, countertops, credit card machines, etc. Hand sanitizer and various personal care products will continue to be abundantly available all throughout our Wellness Center.


We have 2 HVAC systems and both are equipped with HEPA Filtration.


We have also added to each therapy room whether it be esthetics or massage; Air Purifiers with Sterilization (ran every hour) + HEPA filtration.

All estheticians go through required sanitation classes in order to renew their license bi-annually. But, rest assured, all estheticians + therapists have completed an additional sanitation class focused on COVID-19 preparedness.

Tables in our massage + esthetic department will be covered with cleanable plastic wrap + sanitized between every guest visit.


All unnecessary linens have been removed from each service room.